Project: Etiquette

Completed: June 2019

Etiquette is an open-format playground for multidisciplinary activations with artists, chefs, brands, musicians and more. Designed as a multi-purpose gathering space – during the day, it serves as a co-working space and all day cafe, full bar, and lounge to relax and listen to vinyl records. At night, it’s transformed for private events, art shows, comedy shows, DJ nights, private chef dinners, and more.

The goal was to create a loft environment that felt inviting to guests, like a home rather than a restaurant. The space is warm and energizing, with rich velvet green couches, natural caramel leather chairs, and custom barn-style tables filling the living room-like interior. A custom designed bar welcomes guests as they enter, complemented by lighting fixtures selected for their warm, dim lighting. The space features functional elements like a queen-sized bed and a claw foot bathtub, contributing to the comforting aesthetic. The space as a whole is designed modularly to facilitate various types of events: the walls are movable and double function as bookcases, the dining tables disassemble for storage within minutes, and the open kitchen can disappear behind mirrors mounted onto a track system.

Website for Etiquette:

Photos - Mylène Fernandes
Millworker - Bruce Hinz