Working at the Business innovation and partnering with our client the Children's Health, Dallas Texas | 2014 - 2015

Role: Experience Designer / Project Manager

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Design Challenge

How might we shift the current experience of health and wellness toward one that is understood and claimed by families and children, rather than simply available to them?


In collaboration with Children's Health in Dallas, 16 core families, as well as many others in the surrounding area, our team at BIF worked to better understand what contributes to Family Well-Being before a family even finds the need for specialized treatment. By using human-centered ethnographic research methodologies we were able to generate foundational insights that led us to collaboratively develop new concepts for care with the families, community stakeholders, and trusted agents. During the summer of 2015 the concepts were prototyped and tested by my colleagues in Dallas, who facilitated the families to ultimately take lead on the design and execution. 

Over process spanned 9 months and was broken into four phases.

  • 1. Research - Definition: research; ethnographic interviewing and shadowing; insight generation; process scoping; visual storytelling
  • 2. Co-creation: Participatory design facilitation; insight generation; project mapping; concept development; community critiques; opportunity mapping
  • 3. Capability Mapping: key stakeholder identification; capability mapping; concept completion
  • 4. Experimentation: prototyping and testing the concepts in the community and public settings


Final Concepts

What's Cookin'  - This concept was developed in response to a highly demanded need for more education surrounding healthy eating options as well as a lack of available sources for fresh fruit. The result was a mobile healthy cooking and eating experience brought to highly used and easily accessible communal locations, such as apartment complexes and parking lots, around the Lake Highlands community. The families demonstrated nutritious and affordable recipes selected for the community from a pop up, handed out free samples, and provided wellness information to interested community members.

Your Best You - This concept was developed in response to a demand for a personalized and integrated platform for self-discovery and futurecasting that could potentially live within a school setting. The concept was prototyped in tested in the form of a two track process. The first was a three-week day camp for teens age 11-17 centered around self-discovery, creative problem-solving, and storytelling. The second offered families with younger children a version of the curriculum for the teens, which the families could work on remotely at their own pace. Both curriculums centered around identifying problems within the community the teens and kids were passionate about solving and at the end of the three weeks everyone came together to present their findings and ideas on how to improve the Dallas community.


Visual Storytelling:

Phase 1: "The Faces of Family Well-Being" - based on our foundational research

Phase 4: "What's Cookin' "

Phase 2: "Family Participatory Design Studio" - the facilitation and co-creation of ideas.

Phase 4: "Your Best You"