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Location: Pier 57, Hudson River, NYC

Studio Project: Spring 2014, Rhode Island School of Design.

Instructor: Peter Yeadon. Guest critics included Miranda Massie, founder of the Climate Museum

Prompt: Develop a museum of climate change in the existing site of Pier 57

This project was part of a larger group thesis with graduate students Mallory Newton and Ananta Sodhi in an effort to explore how a Museum of Climate Change might be integrated into the city of New York, as well as adapt to the impending affects of the climate on the building.

Educational mission

Create a museum that informs the public about the past and present facts of climate change. Present the hope and actions associated with potential solutions to reach
a better future, in comparison with the threat associate with realities of not taking action.

Design Intent

The mission of the museum is realized through the method of permeability between the museum and its surrounding environment as well as the programmatic relationships within.
Information surrounding all topics of climate change is disseminated throughout the site by permitting and denying access physically and visually.

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The Experience

The museum visit is lead through a series of immersive exhibition spaces to evoke a sense of reflection on societies current polluting behaviors and their affects on the environment. In each experience the visitor is provided with a current climate impacting situation and a possible resolution. The following highlighted experiences are provided to the museum visitor:

1. Flooding - The permeation of the walls at the ground floor naturally allows water from the Hudson to enter the building as the water level of the river rises, covering portions of the exhibitions walking paths.

2. Pollution - A non-toxic gas filling a room with “smoke” provides the visitors with a sense of being immersed in heavy pollution. The room would offer information regarding pollution. Windows provide a view accessible pods and positive energy generators providing clean energy solutions

3. Pods - A series of swimming structures provide respite for natural wildlife and a platform for vegetable gardens. The interconnection of the pods surrounding Pier 57 allow surfaces for algae and plants to grow offering a protective soft edge to the building

4. Roof Garden - A space for community exchange revolving around vegetable gardens (both outdoor and green house) 

- See slides below for visual narrative of above explained experiences