Emergency Contact: New Ideas for Neighborhood Mental Health Centers

In response to a flash competition put out by the Van Alen Institute under their 2017 Fall Festival - U Feel Ok? - With the following prompt:

How could a system of street-level mental health treatment centers provide responsive and accessible care for those in crises or seeking regular mental health care? This fast-paced, one-day design competition invited multidisciplinary teams to propose designs that can change the way that New Yorkers perceive and directly engage with mental health care in their neighborhoods through street-level mental health centers, while also improving access to and awareness of existing resources.

My collaborator Yasemin Tarhan, AIA and I developed the following submission. The prompt requested a proposal of no more than 250 words and offered the option to add a graphic that would help to support the visual understanding of the proposal.

Mynd Truck_Daisy.jpg